Welcome to KidsWorld

Welcome to Kiddie Corner Home Day Care. We are a licensed home day care located in Concord, CA. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe learning environment for children. You child will receive quality personal and individualized care in a warm and loving home, where they can feel safe and happy and can begin to build confidence and a positive self image.

Our Programs

Preschool Programs1

Preschool Programs ( 2+ Years )

  • Small muscle: Drawing, painting, puzzles, play dough, beads and variety of blocks and other activities.
  • Large muscle: Crawling, marching, jumping, dancing, stretching, exercising and sports participation such as bowling, playing catch, basketball and etc ...

Infant & Baby Care

Our wonderful space and children programs provide a warm and welcoming environment where you baby can grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. More than just daycare, at Kiddie Corner we strive to keep your baby happy, engaged and secure. Care if personalized for each child ...


Toddler Care

Lean how Toddler Care can help early childhood development.
Our growing World of Toddler Program uses hands on exploration and social interaction in safe and engaging surroundings to help your one or two year old lean about his or her expanding world ...